Nomadik By Nature

I founded Nomadik By Nature as a Holistic Lifestyle offering of Embodied Freedom — utilizing Mindfulness, Movement, Nature, Travel and Community as Resources for Healing & Personal Transformation. The physical movement I invite others to enter into is a parallel journey mirroring the work on the inside. When you get stuck — whether it’s in a relationship, in a job, or in your creativity — movement can shake your life and create the space you’re looking for. Many people want to start with the mind, but the mind is so intricate that it actually comes later. There is often a gap between where people want to be and where they actually are, and in order to bridge that gap, I feel the body is the way in. Once you’re able to get in rhythm with your body, you can hear what it’s saying and respond to create change. The body is an accessible doorway to the inner journey. You can go through the body to reach the mind. I believe my mission on this Earth is to walk alongside people in that journey and help guide others through that doorway — into their bodies, into their hearts into their consciousness. Nomadik By Nature is my offering for Humans to tap their highest potential and create the life of their Dreams. It is a Movement for Peace. Inner and Outer.