Naked in Motion

The basics: We offer Naked! Yoga and Pilates classes in NYC and Boston taught by me and a few others that I’ve recruited.

Why? I grew up watching my family battle with intense feelings of shame about their bodies. They experienced wild fluctuations of body weight and tried every diet and exercise program on the books. I struggled with relentless self-criticism about my body, state of health, and mental health. I started Naked in Motion as a way to offer a tool for developing a kinder relationship with the mind and body.

Consider this: your body is awesome and deserves care and love. Not the body you used to have or the one you wish you had, but the one you’re in right this moment. If you are trying to change parts of your body, that’s okay, but change happens most effectively with self-compassion, rather than the criticism that comes with pursuing “fitness goals” in this age of exercise fanaticism.

Unlike the gyms and calorie-counting group classes, I'm not trying to sell you on "weight loss", "fat-burning" or "toning." That is the language of "not enough." My only hope is that you will have a liberating and empowering experience. If you have one moment of self-compassion, one kind thought about yourself during our classes, you've accomplished a lot. And if it takes you a few classes to get there, that's okay too.