Asian yogini Sheena gracefully moves through a yoga asanas totally nude, while calming instructions educate and inspire throughout the session.

Wild, exotic and beautiful! "Pure Nude Yoga – Sheena" features the alluring Asian yogini Sheena, also known as “Oriental Mermaid,” a name she has chosen for herself. Asian Sheena’s beginning poses are designed to enhance flexibility, reinforce core muscles, and nurture and repair your lower and upper back muscles.

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Other benefits could include achieving a better balance, alleviating lower back pain, building your abs and flexors, and overall de-stressing and relaxing you. Learn as you follow naturist yoga performed clearly and slowly by Oriental Mermaid… or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of naked yoga poses in a tranquil garden setting by the wonderful Oriental Mermaid. Let Sheena be your own personal Asian yoga teacher, and your guide to the wonders of naturist yoga!

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Mango Lotus

Discover and celebrate the naked beauty and simplicity that surrounds us!