Discover and celebrate the naked beauty and simplicity that surrounds us!

Mango Lotus explores and captures the naked beauty that surrounds us and inspires us! Appreciating the wonders and sublime essence of naturist life.

Beauty surrounds us...Everything in the universe is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty,” says the great Persian poet and philosopher Rumi. Mango Lotus is about finding the beauty and simplicity and nature. And about appreciating the wonders and sublime majesty of the natural... and naturist in our small corner of the universe. Mango Lotus has been producing award winning productions in the film and video industry for over 30 years. Mango Lotus titles include "Pure Nude Yoga- Ocean Goddess, "Pure Nude Yoga - Worship the Sun" "Pure Nude Yoga- Zen Garden Goddess," "Nude Beaches of California" and many others. Mango Lotus explores and captures this unique beauty that surrounds us and inspires us. “What we think, we become,” Buddha. And perhaps what we want to become, we seek. Seek beauty, in all its forms.