These carefully constructed series of yoga poses are excellent for those wishing to focus on balance, back strengthening, re-alignment and core stability.

"Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Flows" features the beautiful & supple yoga teacher Karina as she gracefully moves through a yoga asanas, while calming instructions educate and inspire throughout the session.
Karina has practiced yoga and wellness for ten years and seen its transformative power. Through her teacher training and the gift of guiding others through their yoga and wellness journey she stresses the importance yoga is in creating balance, acceptance, patience, and peace not only with oneself but with others. Karina believes that every person has lessons to give and that we all gain lessons from each other, especially when we share the gift of yoga.

Video Features

"Pure Nude Yoga – Karina Full Core & Abs" begins with easy and basic warm up asanas…and then continues with a series of intense yoga poses specifically selected to sculpt those abs and core. This series of yoga pose variations is paced to enhance flexibility and nurture and work your lower and upper back.

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