Yogini Shasta gracefully moves through a yoga asanas totally nude, while calming instructions educate and inspire throughout the session.

Imagine having your own personal nude yoga teacher. In "Pure Nude Yoga – African Goddess" exotic yogini Shasta Wonder practices a series of easy beginning yoga poses without the confinement of clothing. "Pure Nude Yoga – African Goddess" is a natural and uninhibited way to follow along to instructions and learn as you do yoga, naturist yoga performed clearly and slowly, or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of naked yoga poses in a strikingly modern outdoor setting. Sculpture in Motion!

Video Features

Shot in high definition, "Pure Nude Yoga – African Goddess"includes one hour of nude yoga, interspersed with calming interludes, zen koans, an instructional narrative with meditational soundtrack underscored with relaxing nature sounds. DVD includes an optional music only relaxation soundtrack.

Video Producer

Mango Lotus

Discover and celebrate the naked beauty and simplicity that surrounds us!