A naked yoga video series geared toward the return to natural and unrestrained.

True Naked Yoga was founded in 2018 by a duo of filmmakers whose passion for beautiful imagery, storytelling, and of course, yoga, led them to create the unique series we offer here at TrueNakedYoga.com

While there are many instructional naked yoga videos online, True Naked Yoga’s goal is to offer an elevated experience of the practice by focusing on high-end, visually stunning yoga flows that are expertly designed and guided by certified coaches. Our programs are meant to both inform and inspire.

Each of the yoginis who participate in our videos are experienced practitioners, whose love of yoga is easily seen in their graceful performances. We hope that the passion and dedication our team brings to each video you see here will inspire everyone to partake in the wonderful practice that is naked yoga, and to give more people access to its amazing benefits.

We offer multiple levels of naked yoga flows, from beginner to expert, so that you can start where you are and build on your skills over time. We also offer helpful and relaxing meditation videos that are designed to deepen and enhance your naked yoga practice. Stay tuned for more content coming soon!